Should you have your Property Manager be the leasing agent for your commercial property?

Can a Property Manager balance the role of Leasing Agent as well?
Can the roles of Property Manager and Leasing Agent be successfully fulfilled by the same person?

The answer to this depends on what type of relationship you have with your property manager. Is your manager on site? Do they manage other similar properties in the area for other owners? Do they have the time it takes to properly market your property to the correct audience?

If your manager is located on site, they might be in a good position to lease your property. But what if they have other managed properties in the area similar to yours? There may be a conflict of interest as to where they steer potential tenants. Also, it is our experience that most are too busy to spend the time on the phone, online, or knocking on doors to find tenants for your building or any other for that matter.

Our advice is to leave the leasing agent role to the broker professionals and the management to independent professional Property Managers. At Galilee Commercial Property Management there is no confusion over roles. We are here to manage your Sacramento property and help you achieve the best return on your investment. Contact us Today to discuss our services and how we can best help you!