Property Management Horror Stories – The Volleyball Eviction

Recently we were forced to evict a sports club from one of our buildings in Sacramento County. What happened next was totally unexpected!

Evicted tenant throws a volleyball tournamentJust when we thought we had been through it all..


Recently we were forced to evict a sports club from one of our buildings in Sacramento County. We met the Sheriff on site, posted the eviction notice and changed the locks. About a week later we got a call from the tenant next to our recently evicted tenant. We were told that the parking lot was full of kids and that the sports club was operating a tournament next door. When we arrived on site, we found our former tenant had broken into the space they had been evicted from, changed the locks and were operating a full scale volleyball tournament on site and there were at least 150 kids and parents attending the tournament!

Not to be flustered by these unusual circumstances, we contacted the local police and once again escorted the tenant off the property. While our locksmith was changing the locks we had several parents coming to us and asking for refunds for the tournament entry fee they had just paid! The sports club operators by this time were nowhere to be found and we assume they kept all the entry fees.

A volleyball tournament being run covertly by an evicted tenant in the space they were evicted from… Definitely not your usual occurrence!


Needless to say, this was the first time we had ever had a tenant break into a space they had been evicted from to once again do business. The eviction was handled correctly and within the law. We eventually were able to auction off the tenants remaining equipment left in the space and retrieve most of the past due rent for our building owner.

Evictions are a sometimes unpleasant but necessary part of Property Management and part of protecting your investment and maximizing your ROI. Do you have a property Management company on your side that you trust to help you if something starts to go wrong with the tenant relationship? Contact Galilee Commercial Property Management to discuss how we can help protect your Investment in Sacramento.